Welcome to Shihreen Inc. – an accessories company established in 1992. At Shihreen, we provide products with quality materials and workmanship at attractive prices. We like to bring unique and contemporary wear to your everyday life. From scarves, hats and gloves to ready-to-wear items like novelty tees, cardigans and ponchos, there is something for everyone!

We believe that a quality product will sell itself; that’s why Shihreen offers a no minimum policy. No minimum restrictions make it easy for our customers to try our unique products and keep them coming back. All of the products we sell are always well stocked and most orders are typically shipped within 24 hours.

For the Spring of 2015, we have focused our scarf collection on pure cotton materials with a dash of silk and silk blends. Each scarf is handwoven to bring out a luxurious and everlasting look. Our scarves with tassels, pompoms and lace trim offer funky and playful styles to accent your entire wardrobe.

Shihreen further expands on our signature cotton blend hats with SPF50+ this season to include even more styles and colors to choose from. As always, Shihreen’s hats are packable, SPF50+ and environmentally friendly!

We look forward to building a stylish and successful season with you!